Deckkeeper Tie-Downs


Keep deck furniture from blowing over

My deck is raised off the ground by about 4 feet and there is an above ground pool built into the deck. Every spring and every fall, I struggle to open/close the pool. The big headache is securing a tarp to cover the pool.

When I had pressure treated decking, I would just screw some hooks into the decking and use some bungee cords to secure the tarp. I recently replaced the pressure treated boards with composite decking. There is no way I’m going to drill holes into my beautiful boards!

So, I’ve struggled with securing the tarp. I attached bungies to the railing, I secured it through the boards under the deck, you name it. All of these solutions took time, effort and were simply not easy. I had to find a better way!

I heard about these DeckKeeper Tie Down devices from Ask This Old House a few years ago. They slip between the boards, include bungee cords to attachment and protect the surface of the deck. I bought them from Amazon and closed the pool this fall using them. What a difference! I secured the tarp in the a few minutes, I didn’t have to crawl under the deck.

-- Brian Tobin 06/3/14