Deep-Step Safety Ladder


Sturdy stepladder with tool compartment

Unlike conventional stepladders, the top step of this nifty aluminum stepladder is the most stable because of its extra size (100 square inches, the biggest of all the steps). It also makes tasks lickity-split efficient, especially with its thoughtful storage bin 11.5″W x 4.25″L x 1.25″, meaning no more lost nuts, etc. And if you’re changing light bulbs, for instance, you can leave the top open and place tons of stuff inside.

There are three, four, five and eight-step models. I bought the four-step version ($99) which weighs 9lbs, so it’s easy to lift with one hand and much lighter than my rickety old wooden ladder. It folds to 4.5″ wide, so storing it is easy. Nicely engineered, the ladder opens and closes smoothly — meaning no pinched fingers – and very little force is required to open it (they are lightweight). I highly recommend these ladders for older folks who’re getting on and may not feel as stable, but insist on taking care of stuff around the house nonetheless. The ladder I have has a flat, undivided storage compartment designed to hold tools. If dusting or cleaning is more what you need the stepladder for, Frontgate also makes a version with a built-in towel rack and a bin with sections intended to hold spray bottles.

-- Joseph Stirt 03/26/07