Dishwasher Rerack


No more rusty dishwasher racks

Dishwasher racks are made of cheap metal coated in a thin layer of plastic.  Over time, that plastic gets worn away and the metal beneath quickly rusts. Your dishwasher rack looks old and shoddy, and soon your spouse is demanding its replacement. You COULD replace the rack. However, try calling the manufacturer and you’ll find the price for replacing the dishwasher rack is outrageous; most are well over $100.

For less than $10, Rerack is a plastic coating you can just brush on to restore the plastic coating.  It comes in a 1-ounce bottle with a brush built onto the cap and is very easy to use. Just paint it on where the rust is showing through and let it dry. It is dry to the touch in about half an hour, but you should wait overnight to use the dishwasher.
rerack.jpeg Here are a couple of tips:

1.  Don’t get it on your hands. It drys quickly and is difficult to remove.

2.  If you’ve got a lot of those stick-up tines on your rack that all have the tips worn down on them, I found the easiest way to get a good result was to suspend the rack upside down about a foot over some newspaper. Then just hold the bottle upright under each of the spikes (which now point down) and raise the bottle up, dipping the end of the spike into the bottle. You can quickly go from spike to spike that way and by dipping you ensure a fairly uniform coverage. Gravity helps the end form as a nub of thicker coverage at the end as well, which has proved very effective.

The product is white, so if you’ve got a colored rack you just have to deal with that, but it is better than rust showing through.

By the way, I know there are many other plastic-dip products out there, often cheaper by volume, for doing things like dipping tool handles into and so on. Those may well work for this application, but Rerack is purpose made to withstand the environment inside that dishwasher. For under $10, it’s worth the price.

-- Andrew Pollack 11/30/11