Wood dowel joinery system

The Dowelmax is a tool that allows you to make incredibly strong wood joints quickly and accurately. I’ve been using the Dowelmax for about 3 years now and find new ways of using it most times it comes out of the case.

The joy of this tool is its simplicity. It is fabricated with such accuracy that it allows even beginners to create the strongest of joints in furniture making. Doweling is far superior to biscuit joining allowing almost total dry-fitting of a project before gluing, greater accuracy of surface matching, and a joint that is stronger than even a mortise and tenon in a fraction of the time. As the vast majority of connections a woodworker makes are invisible, this tool saves an immense amount of time over traditional joinery techniques and results in a joint as strong or stronger than any of them.

The tool is adjustable to suit any thickness of wood and, using the included spacers and register pins, one can dowel any length of board with pin point accuracy. The tool can be taken apart and re-assembled in different geometries for various kinds of joints and you can also, as I often do, build your own jigs to use the Dowelmax in ways that probably were not intended.

This is a tool you’ll quickly learn to love. I make my living as a woodworker and I don’t own another tool that gives me greater satisfaction to use. At about $300 for the kit one might think its only for the professional however I’ve had friends using it after only a ten minute lesson who were putting together joints as well as they can be made! Check out the website which shows quite clearly what it can do.

-- Colin Farrell 11/18/10