DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover


Comes with pump to create a vacuum-seal

The thing about getting a cast on your arm or leg, is that you do not want to get it wet. But showers, pools, the ocean, vacations tempt you. Especially if you are a kid.

The DryPro is a durable rubber sleeve, made from surgical latex, that goes over a limb cast. But it is more than a glorified plastic bag. It comes with a nifty mechanism to pump out the air in the sleeve to create a temporary airtight vacuum seal.

The vacuum seal really works! My 6-year-old had a full arm cast during his summer break, and this system kept his cast truly dry in showers, submerged in baths, hot spring, and pools over 6 weeks. It was reasonably priced ($37) and relatively easy to use.

Potential downsides:

1) The opening at the cast cover is tight, so can be hard to get over the cast (took 4-5 uses to find my best technique to get it on)

2) The air seal may be too tight for comfort/preventing circulation, if the user is not the one pumping the air out with the vacuum and can’t verbalize comfort level (eg. parent helping a 1-yo). In my case, I just had my son do this step himself, and I will do a final check +/- one more tiny pump just to make sure the seal is snug.

Tips for use:

1) Get the appropriate size – there are versions for arm casts and leg casts, half or full. Reference the useful charts and videos on the DryPro website (

2) Practice using it at “lower risk” settings (eg. a shower), to perfect user techniques, before using it at “high risk” settings (eg. beach, any submerged activity in water)

3) A number of the 700 amazon reviewers recommended covering the cast with a long adult sock first before putting the cast cover to prevent the rough edges of the cast from unintentionally damaging the cast cover. That worked for us.

4) Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on duration for use. After all, the sleeve works by creating a airtight vacuum on a body part, but you don’t want to unintentionally create a tourniquet…

Bottom line, the DryPro is a reliable waterproof cast cover that eliminates the awkward plastic bagging during showers. It works even submerged in pools (for a limited time). It saved our vacation.

-- Wen Chiu 08/3/17