Eagle Creek Comfort Travel Pillow

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I find a comfortable travel pillow essential for long train commutes. Unlike regular neck-pillows, the Eagle Creek travel pillow is easy and unobtrusive to carry with you. It’s inflatable and folds flat to slips into a jacket or hip pocket, though I keep mine in the briefcase. To inflate, pop open the wide cap, and breath into the valve; a clever rubber flap allows you to empty your lungs comfortably into a wide circular opening without straining.

Three breaths is all it takes, and the flap and cap keep it solidly sealed the whole trip – deflation is nearly instantaneous once arrived. It has a soft microfiber cover, removable and washable, that offers a surprising amount of comfort. It masks the inflatable nature of the pillow admirably, though not completely. It’s still going to be a little warmer than a regular “u” pillow, and the cushion won’t be as nestle-in soft, but it beats the heck out of “microbead” pillows and the like, and definitely beats a sore neck and shoulders.

After a year of daily service, it developed a small leak, which was easily fixed with a little dab of the previously reviewed shoe-goo cement, and has been going strong for another year.

-- Matt Gabriel  

Eagle Creek Comfort Travel Pillow

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