Living on the Road

Eagle Creek


Superior luggage system

There may be a better product here and there in a particular piece of luggage, but it’s just not worth my time messing around to find out. I’ve replaced all of my duffels, carry-ons and backpacks with Eagle Creek products, and have been using them for the past two years. I’ve standardized on Eagle Creek luggage because I’ve found their stuff to be uniformly excellent, and it just saves me the frustration of trying stuff out and finding it has deficiencies.

Eagle Creek makes a handful of practical accessories for space-saving and orderly packing. Their Pack-It Folders compress lots of shirts, pants or skirts into a compact, wrinkle-free stack. And their Cubes are ideal for organizing underwear and socks while compressing them and maximizing space. They also offer Compression Sacs, giant Ziploc-like bags with one-way air valves that can compress your dirties into a fraction of their uncompressed size. All of these accessories work quite well with other brands of luggage; they are by no means specific to Eagle Creek.


Another reason I’ve chosen Eagle Creek: the company’s products are extremely rugged and have a lifetime warranty. I took them up on their warranty on a bag that got slashed. I live in San Diego and found that I could just take it by their headquarters rather than mail it in. They gave me a new bag, no questions asked.

Just to qualify as an experienced traveler, I’ve accumulated more than 6 million lifetime miles in the American Airlines AAdvantage program, more than two million on United, and a million on two or three others.

-- Don Lyle 11/9/09