Ecosmart Wasp & Hornet Spray


Organic peppermint wasp killer

I recently bought an old barn that was full of paper wasp and mud wasp nests. Because I am going to be bringing animals into the barn for food production I wanted to limit the amount of poison I spray around (particularly in aerosol form). I saw this at Walmart for about $4 and thought I would try it, worst case scenario I could go back for something more toxic.

This is not a typical aerosol spray, more of a stream, and a reasonably powerful one. This allows you to be farther away (I tried about 12 feet) from the nests as the wasps leave. The spray works quickly but not instantaneously — the wasps move around for 1-2 minutes before they completely stop. They do not fly very well, or very far, if they were on the nest when sprayed. I did follow one and it flew several feet away, landed on a wall and then succumbed to the pesticide.

On top of the effectiveness is its alleged safety for children and pets. One of the ingredients is peppermint oil, which gives the barn that post-toothbrushing scent that is pleasant without being overpowering.

The company also makes a wide range of sprays for other specific pests. I have also used the flying insect aerosol, it was similarly effective.

-- Nathan Bruce 10/19/13