eGO Cycle


For the last year, I’ve loved commuting to work on this electric scooter because it’s powerful enough to ride in traffic, but doesn’t feel like a motorcycle. Before settling on the eGO Cycle 2 SE, I test drove a bigger bike and smaller one from a different manufacturer, but I liked the eGO best, which has turn signals in front and back, a headlight, and a horn. There are two settings: “Go Far” and “Go Fast.” I find I can get up to 23 mph or so with Go Fast, though I usually use Go Far, which has a max speed of about 18 mph. The guy who sold it to us said it has a range of about 20 miles and takes about an hour to recharge. I keep it plugged in regularly and have not let it run down much since I got it. I am fortunate to have locked, indoor parking with an outlet at my work, so this is easy. My commute to work is 1.6 miles, but I have ridden the bike up to 10 miles with plenty of charge left. In Oregon, this qualifies as a bike, even though it’s motorized, so it does not require a motorcycle license. I had not ridden a motorcycle before, so I had to train myself that “go” was controlled by my right hand and that the handle motion was toward me, not away from me (away was more intuitive to me for some reason). I wear a motorcycle helmet with a face screen. I prefer the protection while riding in traffic and like the face protection from wind, rain and bugs. I have ridden in light to medium rain but not downpours. In those conditions, I’ve found the traction fine and just slow down a bit. I have ridden only on surface streets — in bike lanes or with traffic (the bike does not do well in gravel). Since I put a milk crate on the back, it’s easy to haul stuff. I’ve noticed I get lots of thumbs up and smiles when I ride, too — pretty certain they’re directed at the bike. I remind my husband regularly that in addition to being a fun ride, it seems to be a guy magnet.

-- Mary Gear  

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