Living on the Road

En Route 3-in-1 Travel Purse


Multi-purpose, everyday handbag

You’ve previously reviewed wallets on Cool Tools, so let’s have equal time, guys ;-) .This travel purse is actually the best everyday purse I’ve ever found. I’ve used and abused it for four years, and the purse still looks great. Its polyester microfiber sheds dirt and is machine washable. Best of all, the easy-to-open strap clips (satin brushed metal which continue looking good indefinitely) allow me to convert it to a waist pack in seconds. Worn as a waist pack, the front zippered section (with your money & credit cards) is easily accessible without removing the purse. It’s great for shopping and errand running. You can keep your hands free. You don’t have to hold onto it or shove it out of the way. You can’t put it down and forget it somewhere. Wearing it as a waist pack also helps deter pick-pockets and purse-snatchers, too. And, whenever necessary, you can convert right back to shoulder use in five seconds.

Here’s a rundown of the interior: flat pocket under Velcro flap in front (good for receipts). Unzipping the front compartment reveals two flat pockets and one zippered pocket (cash), then two more flat pockets (checks in one), one fronted by 8 card pockets (each can easily hold 5+ cards), and a pen loop. The back zipper reveals a large compartment — mine holds keys, cell phone, PDA, camera, folding brush, comb, lip gloss, sewing kit, mini first aid kit, tape measure, etc., I enhanced the inside of the back pocket by adding a Velcro strip, so small items don’t vanish below.


I originally bought mine to improve my posture — no matter how big a purse I get, over time I’ll overfill it and gradually tilt sideways. Even the “healthy back” bags didn’t work. This one’s big enough to hold what I need, but small enough so it won’t get too heavy. It’s astonishing how much it can hold, but it’s small enough that if you really must carry a designer purse for a night on the town, you can drop this little beauty inside.

-- Barbara Dace 03/13/08