EuroSurge Surge Protector and Travel Adapter

EuroSurgeâ„¢ - Surge Protector EA230.jpeg

I’ve been using this travel adapter for over 10 years. It converts one standard European outlet into two US plugs, but best of all is that it has built-in surge protection. That one time in Ireland when I couldn’t be bothered to dig it out of my bag? That’s when I fried my power supply. Ever since then, this is the only adapter I use when traveling.

I’ve never seen another combination surge protector/travel adapter, and the fact that it gives you two-for-one outlets makes this a fantastic tool.

-- Marsh Gardiner  

[Note: The EuroSurge can be adapted for other non-European countries using these Schuko adapters]

EuroSurge Surge Protector

Available from Magellan’s

Manufactured by Voltage Valet