Fantastic Ice Scraper: For More Than Just Ice


Scrapes away crusty stuff in the kitchen and garage

Ever since reading about the Fantastic Ice Scraper on Cool Tools, it’s been my go-to ice removal device. I liked it so much that I bought them as gifts for several family members. My mother immediately put it to use as a general-purpose cleaning scraper. I was so impressed with it that I now keep one in the kitchen for cleaning counter tops, glass tables, stove tops and any other hard surface that needs an occasional scrape down. I also keep one in the garage for general scraping and cleaning.

The brass blade is softer than glass and most common metals so it tends not to scratch the surface you are scraping. On painted surfaces (like a stove top) scratching may still be a risk, but it’s probably still safer than using a steel razor blade or even a Brillo pad. I don’t use it on cookware and would not recommend using it on non-stick surfaces.

Perhaps the most fantastic thing about the Fantastic Ice Scraper is the price. At less than $6 on Amazon, it’s affordable enough to keep a few on hand in convenient locations. And when the snow falls you’ll always be prepared to scrape a windshield or two.

-- Scott Lyman 12/14/13