Fiskars Pruning Saw


Light, strong retractable saw

I’m a backpacker who takes only the essentials; my three-season multiday pack weight without food and water is around 11 pounds. This saw still finds its way into the pack. It weighs about 8 ounces, and cuts great. The blade is of a comparable quality to my Japanese carpenter saws. The handle is made of Zytel, superstrong and superlight. The teeth are very sharp and made of good stainless. I took it on a two-week BC kayaking trip, and it shows no staining despite the salt that everything is exposed to on such a trip.

With a simple twist of the locking nut, the blade is securely locked open or safely closed inside the handle. It also has a belt clip that allows easy and secure access, though I haven’t used this feature.


This saw can do it all from opening the chest of an elk, securing firewood or building an emergency shelter. It sure beats the tiny saws of a Leatherman tool or a Swiss army knife, and with a comparable weight. I looked a long time for a saw of this quality that weighs so little.

-- Harry Cooney 03/30/10