Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers Sharpener


Travel-size blade rejuvenator

This very portable, lightweight knife sharpener is easy to use and gets the job done quickly. I found it at a kitchen store in Arizona and have been using it for about a year on all types of blades: kitchen, Toolman, hunting, serrated. I’ve used several sharpeners over the years. The problem with most manual systems is they require getting the blade at a precise angle, and I just can never get it right. This is by far the easiest sharpener I’ve used, and it works. Just put the knife in the diamond-coated tines, give it 5-10 pulls, and it’ll be sharpened. No fussing with exact angles. Other sharpeners I’ve tried that are easy to use don’t seem to put as good an edge on. This one works. Your hands stay well-protected from the blade during use. Plus, the sharpener folds up neatly and easily fits in a backpack.

-- Bob Morris 06/10/08