Glo Gloves


Reflective cycling handwear

As a year-round bike commuter, I rely on the previously-untried Glo Gloves, which work as advertised — great! — for adding reflective spots. They are a one-size-fits-all, fingerless stretchy nylon glove with reflective patches sewn on. During a winter of bike commuting, with my schedule, that means two hours of riding in the dark each day. When I stick out my arm to signal a turn, the gloves give a strong visual cue to drivers about my intent. I can even twist my hand from vertical to horizontal to make the reflective patches blink in a turn signal pattern. They’re intended to be worn over your regular gloves. I’ve worn them over leather work gloves, fingerless cycling gloves, full finger cycling gloves, Smartwool lightweight wool “liners”, and just my bare hands. They’re very thin and don’t interfere with touch sensation. I have both the original and sport gloves. All models are designed to stretch and fit over your gloves of choice. I consider them as essential as lights and reflective ankle bands for riding at night.

— Michael Rasmussen

As a bike commuter, I use these gloves to signal to indicate my intentions at intersections, even to wave traffic through. I have the sports version, which I stretch over regular bike gloves. I’ve found they can even stretch over ski gloves up to about size M or L, depending on the ski glove. After three years of use on hundreds of rides, the stitching on one of the reflective patches has come a little loose, but otherwise they’ve worn well. The main difference between the regular and sports versions is a patch of abrasion resistant fabric on the palm.

— Jun Nogami