Grades App


Android student organizer

When I went back to college, I found one of the hardest things to deal with was trying to figure out where my grade stood in any particular class. Did the professor do weighted grades? Point system? What score did I get on that last test? Did I calculate in that extra credit? Is the score written on my test and the one in the professor’s grade book the same?

Before I found Grades, I tried the two other student organizer apps on the Android Market. One was only really good at keeping track of my attendance and my overall GPA, the other ended up being useless to me because it could only handle weighted (each category is a percent of the grade) scoring. While the developer was nice enough, he/she didn’t understand that I needed it to be point based (earned / total points = % score).

In a last ditch effort, I did another search and found a new app was added to the Market called Grades: Student Organizer. That was almost 2 semesters and a summer intersession ago and I haven’t looked back!

Grades is able to calculate the student’s GPA, how many units have been taken, grade in each class, and can customize each class individually in either weighted or point-based grading systems.


Their customer service is wonderful, too. I’ve emailed them several times with problems and suggestions to add to the app and each time I’ve gotten a response usually within a day and even a few of my suggestions were included in the following release (though I suppose that’s more of a Great Minds Think Alike thing).

At the time, I had tried literally every other student gradebook application out there on the Android Market and this one did everything I needed and in the end had everything else the other applications offered. At only $0.99, it’s also the cheapest.

-- Nyx Goldstone 03/3/11