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Greenlee Kwik Wire Stripper


Ultimate wire stripper

These are the ultimate wire strippers. They self adjust to the diameter of the wire. And you can set the length of striping to be consistent. The first time I saw one of these tools 20 years I was so blown away it completely changed my whole relationship to stripping wire. My toolbox has always had one every since. In fact now I own two pairs of them. Often when you’re doing electronic wiring you’re trying to strip wires that are already embedded in something with little room to move and often the stripping of them is potentially the most destructive thing you can do. These Greenlees allow you to adjust the depth of your cut and strip the insulation in one snip with hardily any movement of the wire.  Just snip. You can do it softly in one try. Perfect.

-- Adam Savage 08/31/12