Finger Exerciser

Gripmaster consists of four little buttons on springs (think of a trumpet) and lets you exercise each finger separately. It really helps keep hands strong & healthy. I’m on a computer at least 8 hours a day, and using Gripmaster has helped me tremendously.

I gave my mother one (a yellow one) for her arthritis and she’s able to open soda bottles again. They come in 4 colors each of different resistance. I use the blue one which is light. The yellow one I gave my mom is extra light. They also have more difficult ones.

-- Joe Spadaro 04/13/06

(I assume everyone understands that the Cool Tools list is not intended as a source of definitive medical advice. If you suffer significant inflammation of tendons in the carpal sheath, perhaps you should check with a physician before embarking on an exercise regime. -- CP — editors)