Integrated motorcycle helmet lock

For the longest time I was one of those motorcyclists you see walking along the street carrying his helmet everywhere he goes. I didn’t trust the flimsy D-ring lock that came with my motorcycle: it wasn’t strong enough, and it left my helmet strap vulnerable to being cut. I wasn’t interested in carrying a cable lock in my pocket, in case I crashed and landed right on it.

The solution I found, and have been using for seven months now, is the HelmetSecure. It attaches to my handlebars, and stays there, using hidden bolts that are only accessible if you have the key. I arrive at my destination, loop the 15in.-long integral steel cable through the face of my helmet (and the D-ring of a second helmet too, if I have a passenger) and leave it behind.


And the lock looks great. It’s show-quality chrome, and I get plenty of questions about it. It fits the round handlebars on my Ducati, but it also comes with rubber spacers to fit Harleys and a range of different handlebars.

-- Michael Schatzl 10/6/09