How to Build This Log Cabin for $3,000


Cheap primitive shell

A log cabin is one route to cheap housing. You need land with access to lots of tall straight trees. And time. Lots of time. With a chain saw and winches you can erect a modest uninsulated shelter for less than $5,000. People spend up to a million dollars making artfully styled log homes; this is not one of them. It’s a quick and dirty home-made shell without wiring or plumbing. This guy shows you how.

-- KK 08/24/13



One specialized logging tool that will be handy is the can't hook (or peavy … one has a pointy end, the other, as here, don't). This is of special help when rolling uneven logs … especially when fitting in and out several times while notching.


Ripping logs into boards may seem daunting at first, but it ain't that bad. There are more efficient ways to cut lumber but not that I am aware of "straight from the saw". The main thing is to have sharp chain ALWAYS! The sharpness will allow the saw to do the work and all you need do is concentrate on following the guide string.




This was my log raisin' challenge. As the main support purlin, it was 32 feet long with a small end diameter of 12 inches. Lotsa log! I set up two logs as a ramp, hooked up (as described in that chapter) and pulled away. There were so many points of contact of the cable between the winch and the tie off points that the winch never strained.