Independence Day Call For Submissions

We’ve had some excellent submissions as of late, and I’m hoping to extend the trend!

Best introductory, weekend welding gear?
Need a starter set of most common nuts, bolts, screws. Any good deals?
An economical home windmill? Small-scale hydropower for streams?
Affordable, high-functioning walkie talkies?
Best mechanical stud finder?
Best introductory guide/setup for beekeeping?
Backyard smoker?
Predator proof chicken coop?
Introduction to hydroponics?
Automatic chicken plucker?
The ultimate walker for an elderly person?
A decent vacuum-cooking cookbook for amateurs?
The best digital critter cam?
Updated graphics tablet?
Best dehumidifier for a moldy basement?
Best pressure cooker for canning?
Rain barrel?
High BTU propane stove?

We’re also looking for tips!
What are the essential things to do before moving into a new house or apartment?
How can one safely remove an ant infestation?

Help us find the best stuff out there and submit some reviews!