Iron Duke Safety Knee Boots


Affordable muck boots

Sometimes you just need to go around in the muck. Since 2006, these American-made boots have kept my feet dry in snow, ice, mud and everything in between. They have excellent, deep cleats for traction, a steel shank for stability and are steel-toed for safety.

A heavy fabric liner is bonded to the inside of the boot, to make it easy to slide your feet in and out. They’re not insulated, which is a virtue for me: if water comes in over the top, a change of socks will put you back to work.

What makes this a Cool Tool is that you can get these in farm supply stores for under $30.

-- Robert Paxton 03/1/11

(Note: These are an affordable alternative to the previously reviewed neoprene and insulated Muck Boots that I recommend as winter boots. -- OH — editors)