JML Incredible Oven Glove


Heatproof Glove for Outback Cooking

I could see the utility of a fireproof glove on a camping trip; I didn’t want to take a “spondonicle.” Nomex flight gloves looked to fit the bill. But before I could buy a pair, I came across the significantly cheaper ‘Incredible Oven Glove’ at the supermarket. It’s a five-fingered Kevlar and cotton glove that’s quite thick.

I used it for adjusting the fire and for handling my billy, utensils and metal cup. The glove worked admirably, giving plenty of mobility. I could hold on to very hot things for long enough for them to cool down without feeling any of the heat. It fits both hands (the one-size-fits-all was just adequate for my large hands). Mine was blackened from soot, but a run through the washing machine when I got back had it good as new.

Be careful, as the glove doesn’t protect from hot water and steam penetrates a little. But if I intend to cook again while in the bush, the oven glove will come with me. I haven’t used it in the kitchen yet but I see no reason why it would fail to work there.

-- Adam Farrow-Palmer 05/13/09