Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Opener


Swiss army can opener

I’ve used this tool for the last few months, and it far surpasses any other standard can opener I’ve tried. This style of opener, where the lid is removed from the side of the can rather than from the top, was first evangelized via fast-talking TV ads (“but wait, there’s more”), but is now commonly available.

The benefits to this particular model make it best-of-breed compared to its lookalikes. In their attempt to make the device the Swiss Army Knife of openers, they’ve incorporated a beer bottle opener and a few pry-levers into the casing. More importantly, the side of the opener has a tiny set of pliers. These solve the problem that most people have with these style of can-openers. While the lid is separated from the can, it is not totally severed. Manually removing the lid could make a mess, since squeezing the can creates ooze. The pliers make it really easy to pry the lid off without spilling a drop of the can’s contents. The opener doesn’t even get dirty, since it never contacts the contents of the can.

After working through a number of traditional openers, this is the one that I’m going to have forever. Where the legacy technology wears as it rusts and dulls, I’m confident that the Kuhn Rikon will never wear down.

-- James Roche 08/1/12

(Note: This is an updated review of the previously reviewed Kuhn Rikon can opener. -- Oliver — editors)