Lasko Pivoting Task Fan


Small, Quiet Blower

My office building’s climate control is like a pendulum — it swings back and forth in the general area of comfort, but never quite reaches it. I have long used small table fans, but have to leave a suitable gap between the fan and the wall/partition behind it, to avoid blocking the air flow. Now I use a Lasko “squirrel cage” blower, which takes in air from the sides, allowing it to be placed flush against any wall. The blower head is adjustable in a vertical direction. An added plus — its design is extremely quiet, making it perfect for the office environment.

-- Bryan Quattlebaum 02/8/06

(In the United States, this product is sold under the Stanley brand name in a black-and-yellow package which is more likely to harmonize with a workshop than an office. A representative from Lasko stated that their original two-tone gray design is not available from retailers until the summer months. -- CP — editors)