LED Candles with Timer and Remote


Candles that burn 500 hours per pair of AA batteries

We love having candles all around the cottage. But after reading about the air pollution, soot, and the possibility of setting your house on fire, we started to get LED battery powered candles to replace them. Many of the small ones use a 2032 coin battery. But the type I want to share is 2 x AA powered and lasts a long time. The newer versions have built in timers that remember when you turn them on and repeat every day for 5 hours or 10 hours of light. These also come with a small hand held control you can use to bypass the set time, or reprogram remotely. The downside, they have a slight vanilla scent that I don’t care for. So I unpack and set them out in our mud room, and the fragrance dissipates in a few days. Our cottage is filled with a wonderful and safe amber flickering candle glow every night. Though not waterproof I have set them along the garden path leading to our cottage for visitors. Also, great to have in a power outage!

-- Kent Barnes 01/10/17