DVD Online Publishing Service

This on-line DVD publishing option just changed the world of self-distribution of videos and documentaries. Put a DVD online at Lulu. They take orders and professionally print, package, and mail the dvd. They automatically calculate royalties and send them to you. Their cut is 20% of royalties, or a minimum of 20 cents per DVD whichever is more.

After setting it up, all you need to do is give your potential buyers a web address and lulu takes care of everything else. I’m going to put a short hospice documentary on Lulu in a couple weeks, where it should sell for about $8, shipping included. That’s about the minimum cost for a single DVD.

You don’t have to manage the copying, packaging, shipping or billing.

-- Tony Levelle 04/14/06

(Kevin Kelly's recommendations for self-publishing on were distributed in a previous Cool Tools dispatch, archived here. Amazon takes a bigger percentage than Lulu, however. -- CP — editors)