Macabi Skirt


Convertible activewear

I used to hike wearing trail pants that converted to shorts by unzipping the bottoms. This conversion involved stopping, removing my boots, then unzipping the bottom portion of the pants above the knees, putting the boots back on and stashing the unzipped pant legs in my backpack. I thought, There’s got to be a better way.

Then, visiting the website of Sisters on the Fly, I discovered Macabi Skirts. These skirts are a design marvel. It’s easy to convert them from a skirt to pants to shorts of various lengths. A pant clip hangs at the end of an adjustable thin strap, which runs down from the waist in the middle of the skirt. It clips quickly to a hook on the inside back of the skirt. Using the strap, it’s possible to adjust the length in just seconds! Converting to shorts is just one more step. On the inside of each side of the skirt are snap straps that attach at the bottom of the pockets. Again, it takes seconds to adjust. Unlike the zippered convertible pants I used to wear, there’s nothing to store when switching modes in this skirt.


The supplex fabric is lightweight and soft. It resists wrinkles and dries quickly. There’s a comfortable elastic waistband with a drawstring, and belt loops. One of my favorite features is the oversize cargo pockets on each side of the skirt. It’s possible to stuff them without looking bulky. On the right side there is deep pocket that includes a zippered security pocket that easily fits a passport, thin wallet, and keys. The large left side pocket has an inner pocket that’s just right for a phone, iPod or slim camera.

Two of these skirts are the foundation of my travel wardrobe. In the summer the cool fabric and loose fit combine for outstanding comfort. I wear the skirts so often that I bought long underwear bottoms, so that I can continue to wear them during the Colorado winter!

-- Nancy Mulvany 01/7/10