Maui Jim Titanium Sport Sunglasses

I’ve been wearing Titanium Sport frames from Maui Jim for about 5 years. I use them for driving, sports, walking, just anytime. Many people prefer more substantial sunglasses, but these are especially comfortable for wearing under my biking helmet. They weigh about 11 grams and feel minimal and I don’t get as much sweat on them. There are also no hinges to break or tighten. I was rock climbing in the Dolomites when these glasses slipped off my neck (I often keep them around my neck when I don’t need them). They seemed to almost float down 120M of rock. They wound up landing with only a small scratch on the lenses and I wore them for the rest of the trip. I got my first pair after a friend recommended them. I’m on my third pair — lost one, gave one to a friend — and I just ordered my first prescription pair (prescription is a fairly new offering). I can’t wait. I happen to prefer the Wailea’s, but the Titanium Sport line has two other models with slightly different shapes and two sizes. I prefer the smaller size. Maui Jim’s are expensive, but worth it.

-- David Siegel  

Maui Jim Titanium Sport Sunglasses
$260 (Wailea)
Manufactured by Maui Jim

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