Maxit Workout Clothing

Maxit is an amazing material for workouts (and staying warm and dry in general). Maxit is what NFL players wear under their uniforms in winter games. It’s a stretchy 92% polyolefin, 8% lycra material that looks like tights you can get in running and biking stores, but it’s a different product and not easy to find. My friend Bob Anderson (of Stretching fame) lives in the Rockies near Colorado Springs and goes on 5-7 hour bike rides and all he generally wears is Maxit. I wear one layer when the temp is as low as the ’40s. It’s a bit cold starting out but as soon as your blood is moving, you’re warm (and dry). I think it’s better than any of the Pategonia, North Face etc. type hi-tech clothing. I have hats, zip-up shirts, gloves, and tights. My favorite is what’s called the QBZ, long-sleeved with neck zipper. Bob sells Maxit gear, along with other body tools.

-- Lloyd Kahn  

Full Length Motion Tights
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QBZ Long Sleeve Zippered
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Manufactured by Maxit