Maze Nails


High quality nails

A few years ago, on the advice of my roofer, I bought Maze stainless steel nails to hold the cedar shakes on my older home. I found the nails to be very well made and noted with approval that W. H. Maze Company has over a century and a half in the building products business. I recommended the brand to others and in the conversations that ensued, I found that they are best known for their cut nails for hardwood flooring and also for the hot-dipped galvanized nails that they pioneered.

Hot-dipped galvanized nails are steel nails that are dipped into molten zinc. The process creates an alloy on the outer layer of the nail that makes it incredibly resistant to corrosion. Another bonus is that all of the steel and zinc used in producing Maze Nails is sourced from recycled scrap metal that qualifies them as a LEED certified building material.

Like everyone else, I buy nails by the box, but use them one at a time. And a hammered nail is often a choice that you can’t undo. It only takes a few poorly-made nails to make you question the economy of your purchase. Once you find a brand that seems right, you will seek it out.

Maze has a good website that tells the whole story of the three U.S. mills that make a broad range of standard and specialty nails. The website has helpful information on nail selection and use. I was pleased to find that there is a dealer locator widget so I can get my fastener fix locally.

Be it ever so humble, a nail is a cool tool if you have the right one for the job. Maze Nails probably makes that nail.

-- Erik Hoover 06/3/10