Microplane Medium Ribbon Grater


Versatile zesting/grating blade

Do you like grated cheese and grated chocolate? How about garlic on your garlic bread? These are a few things I’ve done with my microplane. The newest one is what they call a ribbon grater. This means it slices what you’re working on into kind of a flake. It works with carrots, radishes, parmesan and other hard cheeses, even chocolate shaved on top of ice cream. My other microplanes have small openings and create a much finer result. But I find the ribbons are much more aesthetically appealing and pack a lot of flavor in each flake.

Caution! This tool is wicked sharp you don’t want to run over a knuckle or a finger. Comes with a protective plastic cover and is machine washable.

-- Kent Barnes 05/31/17