Muji Nylon Body Towel


Body scouring towel

This woven nylon shower or bath scrubbing cloth, 11″x43″ in size, can be folded up or used long to scrub the back in those hard to reach places. It’s really good for scrubbing (and exfoliating I guess) all over, it foams up easily with a small amount of soap, rinses easily and completely, and dries quickly on its hanging loop. It folds up small and fits in its provided plastic zip case for travel. It can be machine washed (but not dried!) and is very hard-wearing – mine has been used every day for at least three years.

It’s simpler, more hygienic and easier to pack than a brush or loofah. It can’t unravel like those pouffe things. I bought mine out of curiosity, and I’m glad I did. I’ve used this towel for several years.

-- Matt Petty 09/20/10