Packaged software installer

I use to install packages of software whenever I need to set up a new computer, or reinstall a Windows/Linux OS. I have found that is the best way to install or update software if you are either buying or building a new PC.

You go to the website, click on the software you need to download or update, and it downloads a custom installer program that will install ALL of the software in a couple of clicks. This is far easier than having to visit each individual website, clicking around till you find the right software to download, and waiting for each individual file to download. An added bonus is that it will always install the most up-to-date software, and will update any software already installed.

There is nothing else available on the market that I have found that provides a service like this with similar efficiency.

-- Douglas Harry 10/17/11


ninite options.jpg
Ninite offers a simple interface to combine a comprehensive array of free software into a single installation package.

(Not only does ninite make it easy to install packages of software, but the list of installs they offer is a great way to find free, useful, programs.--OH — editors)