PacSafe RFID-tec Wallet


RFID blocking wallet

Traveling back from Europe last year, I almost missed my plane because I was shopping for a wallet that had a fully closing change-purse (necessary for one and two Euro coins). I bought a very stylish, leather one at the airport for $100, which did not have a bill pocket, only a clip (which itself soon broke).

I replaced it with a more utilitarian PacSafe wallet, and I love it. It has two bill pockets, one that zips closed, as well as a large coin-purse. It has three larger than card-sized pockets as well as three card-slots and a transparent pocket for an ID card.

The material is super-strong nylon and has something sewn-in that blocks RFID signals. It successfully prevents the SF Bay Area touchless transit card Clipper from working while the wallet is closed. I am even more impressed with the construction and the little details like small elastic pockets to hold the zipper-pulls to keep them from jingling and catching on things.
In short, it does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

-- Richard Haven 02/15/12

(Blocking RFID signals is increasingly relevant given the number of credit cards and passports that currently use the technology. Faraday cages and other signal blocking materials can prevent RFID sniffers from accessing sensitive information used in identity theft. --OH — editors)