Part-Time Sysadmin Help Wanted

We are looking for a part-time sysadmin type for our blog networks. We have recently moved to Word Press, and we use Amazon as our host. We need someone to do basic OS maintenance, to perform upgrades, maintain security, and provide rare emergency support. The work comes in spurts. Most months we don’t need any help, and some months we might need a few hours; occasionally we’ll be doing development and will need a string of hours.

Here are some of the technical skills/knowledge this person would need for the job:

* Amazon Web Services
* Security awareness
* Experience with high-traffic site
* NginX, MySQL
* WordPress familiarity
* Integration with Disqus
* Working with MailChimp
* Github
* Bonus: OSQA / Django  (for Ask Cool Tools)

Our tasks will be hard to do without ALL the above skills. This is not for novices. This is ideal for someone already doing this kind of stuff and would like an additional client.

Some of the projects (above ongoing maintenance) you might expect to tackle:

•    Start a redundant instance of our content on Amazon.
•    Change over to “origin pull” for content delivery in the network.
•    Test newly redesigned WordPress site for robustness.
•    Install new “ask us” forum software package.
•    Migrate DNS to new hosts.

We can either pay an hourly fee, or agree on a retainer. If you are interested, please describe your previous experience solving similar tasks. You should have a solid portfolio of previous similar work, and personal references. If you possess these skills and would like to help us, send an email to

-- KK