Patagonia Silkweight Boxers


Tough, lightweight underwear

Underwear is not a sexy topic. Well, men’s underwear isn’t. Truthfully most men pay little attention to them other than checking that they’re clean. But that’s only because many of us think all underwear is equal.

Patagonia’s Capilene silkweight boxers are light and well fitting. They keep you dry in the heat and they make a great base under the woolen long johns when it’s cold. I live in the Canadian Rockies where temperatures and conditions can swing wildly at any time of the year and these boxers are always the right ones to have on.

I’ve purchased about ten pair over the last ten years and only one pair has worn out. I’ve travelled in Africa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, etc. for a month or two at a time, with just three pairs. Wash them in the sink, hang them up and they’re dry in an hour. They’re stylish and feel like silk, but are tough as nails. They’re built to protect modesty and in a pinch I’ve worn them into the river and the hot tub.

-- Kevin McIsaac 02/3/11