Pelican 1490 Laptop Case


Bombproof laptop case

For years I’ve been looking for a safe and inconspicuous way to carry around my laptop everywhere I go. Laptop sleeves didn’t offer the protection I needed or were just too unwieldy for a backpack/bag. Since I always thought laptop bags made me an easy to spot target for petty thieves, I was stuck with uncomfortable half-assed solutions. That is until I found this Pelican 1490 over a year ago.

Like all Pelican cases this 1490 laptop case comes with ‘Pick ‘N Pluck’-foam, so I could fit in my brand new 13-inch Asus notebook like a baby in its cradle. That still left some room to spare for the adapter and a wireless mouse. The lid foam keeps the laptop from moving around, which allows to keep my laptop in sleep mode without having to worry about nasty system errors at every bump in the road.

Because the 1490 looks more like a briefcase than a laptop case, I also feel the mugger’s eye passing me by. The latches also feature locks for those interested in additional security measures. However, the best thing about this case, beside it being water, dust and crushproof, is that I can easily put it on my lap and work without removing the notebook from its cradle. All I do is open the lid and start typing. Great while on the train or at trade fairs.

The only disadvantage I’ve seen so far is the rubber handle peeling off with regular use. Apart from that, I couldn’t be happier with this unbreakable laptop protector. Now all I need is the lid organizer that comes with more luxurious models.

-- Leonard Marlowe 05/3/11

(Note: Pelican also offers the 1490 in a deluxe kit with a strap, lid organizer, and shock-proof tray for a little bit more. Also previous commenters have pointed out that Pelican provides great warranties with excellent customer service, so if anything does go wrong don't hesitate in calling. -- OH — editors)