PFERD Chain Sharp


Keeps chains sharp

We heat our home with wood, and this has made my favorite fall/winter tool a Stihl MS260 chain saw. But if the chain isn’t sharp, the saw is tiring and dangerous. The best tool for keeping a sharp chain is the Pferd Chain Sharp: a device that files both the saw teeth and the depth gauges in one operation.

It’s not only time-saving, but it also makes sure the depth gauges are at the right height. This is something that’s easy to ignore since most chain saw sharpening are designed to hold only the saw tooth file. But if the depth gauges are too high, they’ll prevent sharp saw teeth from engaging the wood correctly.

I’ve been using the Pferd Chain Sharp for 5-years, sharpening my saw chains every second tank of gas. Since I’ve started using the Pferd, I have never had to take a chain to be sharpened “professionally.”

-- Terry Beck 11/21/11

(Here is a PDF that illustrates the best sharpening technique.--OH — editors)