Pilot Vanishing Point Mechanical Pencil


Retractable pencil

I like using mechanical pencils but their big shortcoming is a tendency for the narrow tip to bend, which makes the lead break prematurely. This is especially a problem if you carry the pencil around; they tend to last much longer if they stay on your desk. Pilot has a mechanical pencil which neatly solves this problem. The tip is retractable, so it is protected when it’s in your pocket or your briefcase. It also, as a side benefit, means that it’s less likely to poke holes in your clothes. Plus, it’s a good looking piece of writing equipment and has a nice heft to it. I’ve stockpiled spares in case Pilot stops making them, but maybe wider familiarity via Cool Tools will keep them in production. For me, it’s essential equipment.

11/29/05 -- Ed Murphy