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Pilot’s Flashlight


Two-color LED torch

This two-color LED light is geared toward us aircraft owners and pilots, but it’s also popular with hunters or anyone else working at night or in conditions where they need to preserve night vision. It has 26 LEDs — 20 are bright white and six are a less-obtrusive red. The push button switch alternates between the colors. I use mine when I’m preflighting the aircraft and also during flights if I need something more powerful than the existing interior lighting inside the plane. I also know some law enforcement people who use them in vehicles at night. The light is sold by the big aviation supply houses like Aircraft Spruce, but also on Amazon. It’s very inexpensive, especially considering how effective it is.

— Robert Cullinan

Pilot’s Flashlight

[Note: The originally reviewed model is no longer available; however, Smith and Wesson produces one that is very similar and features higher quality red, blue and white LEDs. –OH]

Smith and Wesson Pilot’s Flashlight
Available from Amazon
Manufactured by Smith and Wesson