Pocket MedPack Tray


Intelligent pill tray

It’s easy to remember to take one pill a day. Two, even. But if you have to take multiple pills a day, especially at different times, it’s impossible to remember what you’ve already taken. When you’re travelling, it’s especially bad!

I tried a regular pill case, the kind with 7-days of pills in a row. But inevitably I’d forget to take my pills in the morning, or get home too late for my 2nd batch. This little pill case is genius, because you can still schedule your medicine for the week, but the little pod can come with you for the day. There are other versions with four divided areas in the case for those who take more pills.

This would be especially useful for elderly folks who have others helping them keep track of medicine. Those long pill cases can be difficult to open with arthritic hands, and if the lids haven’t all been latched down, getting pills out for one day can mean the whole thing spills out. The assistant could simply leave out this pod for the elderly friend, and it’s easier to keep track for everyone.

-- Fiona Barnett 10/9/12