Pointer Chore Coat


Lots of large pockets

This simple denim coat has been my everyday jacket for two years. I bought the coat because of the classic aesthetic, reasonable price, and potential utility of those large patch pockets. The pockets have far exceeded my expectations.

As a writer on reporting trips, it helps to travel light. I can comfortably stash a wallet, smartphone, charger, digital voice recorder, small notepad, and pen — plus, the bottom pockets are wide enough to fit an apple and even an 18-ounce stainless steel water bottle. I now routinely leave my shoulder bag in the car or at the hotel.

In San Francisco, where I live, this lightweight 100% cotton denim works year-round. Pointer makes similar, pricier barn coats with heavy blanket lining. Personally, if it’s colder, I find layering with a wool sweater works just fine.

The chore coat I own (pictured) is the cheapest, most basic version. Pointer also offers a range of colors (tan, white), patterns (stripes, camo), as well as a tab vs. standard collar. Their most expensive chore coat costs $112.

Other brands, including Carhartt, make similar chore coats. Pointer is the only brand I’ve found that offers X-Small (I’m 5’8″ 136 lbs.); they also go up to 5X-large.

-- Steven Leckart 11/13/13