Posture Support Jacket


Apparel eases shoulder pain

I have a bad shoulder and have struggled with shoulder pain most of my adult life and specially while lifting. Four years ago, my doctor recommended Alignmed S3.

This is a jacket that I wear while working out and it does not let my shoulder get into a bad position. In addition it keeps my posture correct. This has been a wonder product for me and has kept me injury free for 4 years now. I am on my second S3 and have just ordered a 3rd one.

They have an OTC product but I have experience only with the S3 which you get by prescription. Even though the cost of the product is $345 (it was higher when I first got it), my insurance helped offset some of that cost.

Note that I don’t have any financial affiliation with Alignmed; I’m just a very satisfied customer. This product has helped improve my quality of life so I can’t talk enough about it.

-- Amit Agrawal 06/1/13