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Python Bungee Kit


Custom-length bungee cords

Never have the wrong size bungee cord ever again. Python Cut-to-Fit Bungee Cord enables you to make custom-length bungee cords in less than a minute. I’m a big mountain biker. I use the Python Bungees in a variety of ways … securing bike bags, pumps, ice chests and other gear in the back of my trunk as well as further securing bikes on my roof top Thule racks and 4-bike Hitch rack. In the past, I’d buy a bag of bungee cords and have to spend time linking them together to get the required length. The hooks were metal and the little end piece would come off and I’d be left with a sharp edge. With the Python Bungee I can determine the length I need then make one for that purpose. Plus the hooks are plastic and not sharp.

The Python Bungee Kit comes with 72 inches of super-strength UV resistant bungee cord tubing; six custom-contoured high-impact hooks that won’t scratch or rust; six plugs for securing the hooks, and one custom cutting tool. The Python Kit makes up to three bungee cords. The tubing in the kit is 6 feet long and it stretches 3 times is length. So you could use the tubing to make one cord that stretches 18 feet.

You can also order tubing by the foot ($0.50 per foot) up to 300 feet, for that extra long need.

-- Kim Merrill 06/6/06