Questions needing answers!

We have a bunch of new questions over at Ask Cool Tools that are in need of some answers. Seeing how the Ask Cool Tools contest will run until Wednesday, answering one one of these questions may win you a prize.

Can you answer any of these questions?

What’s the best solid, simple every-day backpack?

What are the best headphones for running?

What is a good electric razor that will minimize cuts?

What’s the best 3D-printer for hobbyists?

Is there a good introductory book on nanotechnology or associated disciplines?

What is the best way to label and organize electronic device cables and chargers?

How do I unkink and untwist an extension cord?

Be sure to check out all the other questions and contribute your own for a chance to win something from our prize pool!

— Oliver Hulland, Editor, Cool Tools


Sample Excerpts:

Answer questions, win a prize