General Purpose Tools

Radiator Hose Pick


Fine pointed tool

I’ve used this tool for the past 40-years and find it to be the perfect solution for a variety of tasks. My favorite uses are breaking the seal of a rubber hose on a metal spigot (for example, when working with automotive radiator hoses force the sharp end of the pick between the hose and the spigot and work it around the circumference), removing cotter pins/small clips/retainers, untying otherwise untie-able knots, lining up small holes in linkage, and prying an item up from a flat surface.

There are numerous other radiator picks but this one from Snap On is my favorite because of the particular bend of the shaft. It is just right for providing leverage to break a hose, pin, or small shaft loose. Highly recommended for anyone working with small engines, car engines, models or other mechanical devices and linkages.

-- Darrow Cole 01/2/12