General Purpose Tools

Razor-Back 4-Inch Ice Scraper


Icebreaker extraordinaire

When you should have shoveled but didn’t get around to it you’re probably going to need an ice chopper/scraper. If you don’t catch a snow before the first melt-freeze cycle, or the first few hundred people walked by, what you end up with is a two inch thick layer of ice that laughs at your snow shovel.

After breaking numerous shovels, garden hoes, and edgers I finally bought a good, heavy scraper. The sharp edge slips under the layer of ice, and the wooden handle mutes some of the eventual wrist pain from slamming the end into the concrete/ice interface a few thousand times. The Razor-Back scraper I use has a heavy, narrow forged head for maximum energy transfer. Save your shovels for pushing snow and get a heavy-duty ice scraper.

-- Ry4an Brase 11/23/11