Really Right Stuff Lever-Release Camera Tripod Clamp


Quickly Mount and Unmount a Camera From a Tripod

Most tripod and camera quick release systems stink. The majority of them are bulky, clumsy and weak. Except for the Really Right Stuff System. Yes, the name is a bit off-putting.

Attaching a camera to a tripod by screwing it on doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but for a professional it severely inhibits mobility. The cam lever with the RRS system eliminates any excuses for not mounting a camera onto a tripod when you know you should. The ease in switching between horizontal and vertical is life changing.

The beauty of the L-plate is that in the vertical position, it keeps the weight of the camera directly over the tripod – not hanging overboard.

I have been using a Really Right Stuff system for about 15 years. I still own my original tripod lever release and I have acquired new L-plates for different cameras over the years.
Be certain, these items are pricey but they will last several lifetimes.

-- David Barry 04/9/13