Red Cedar Foot Tree


Natural shoe deodorizer

Everyone’s feet perspire, some more than others. It’s especially hard on your shoes if they’re made of leather and don’t get to dry properly between wearings. And so three or four years ago I bought a pair of shoes at the Harry Rosen store in Calgary, I was delighted when they recommended that I also purchase a pair of Woodlore cedar shoe trees.

The shoe trees are unfinished aromatic red cedar that smell incredibly fresh and natural. They wick moisture from my shoes, naturally inhibit bacteria, and keep my cycling shoes and my dress shoes shoes dry and odour free better than anything I’ve tried in the past. And all without any fragrances or chemicals.

I recently gave a set to my friend and his boots and shoes have been drastically improved as a result (which is more of a testimonial than you might think). I have also heard that you can sand them to renew the scent and that the wood they use is harvested from sustainable American sources.

-- Chris Alig 02/17/11